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CNN Modern Explorers

Follow David’s journey with the incredible Modern Explorers @bertrandpiccard & @ingesolheim this Saturday at 16:30 BST and 21:30 BST on @CNNI #squadonamission




Galapagos Conservation Trust

Update on the GECO project in San Cristobal – supported with donations in 2017 and in 2018:

Running South America with my husband and other animals

StFF beneficiary – the 5000 Mile Project – has launched its book entitled: ‘Running South America with my Husband & other animals’.

This expedition was a first! An epic adventure documented by Katharine and David Lowrie, who are both keen environmentalists.

They are giving talks and having book signing events in the UK or you can buy it from the publisher here or if you can’t do that, then from or

Katharine and Dave are an inspiration but check out their video first and make your own mind up:

Divide in Concord film

Divide In Concord, a film by Dave Regos is now available in the UK and around the world.

Supported by the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Algalita, 5 Gyres, Story of Stuff, Food and Water Watch and others, the Massachusetts state senator Jamie Eldridge has endorsed the film calling it

an inspiration to anyone who cares deeply about the growing environmental chaos that our world is facing.

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President Obama’s Vision

The President’s vision – in his own words:

Earth Day 2015

The Earth Day 2015 website is featuring this great video:

The Untouched – A Time-lapse Film from Shreenivasan Manievannan on Vimeo.

Show the Love

Shakespeare’s words have been given a new meaning in a short film created by Ridley Scott Associates, launched yesterday as part of the Climate Coalition’s new campaign ‘Show the Love’.  The video features some of the UK’s biggest stars quoting Shakespeare to show their love for all things Earthly.

Amongst others, the video features David Harewood, Emilia Fox, Meera Syal and Stephen Fry in a short film for the Climate Coalition’s new campaign ‘Show the Love’ – show the planet some love and turn Valentine’s Day green.

Visit the site for further information.


Aurora Robson – Recycling Plastic Into Art

Aurora Robson is an StFF beneficiary artist – see the Waimea Ocean Film Festival project.

In this video, Aurora explains how she artistically ‘interrupts the waste stream’ to make beautiful sculpture from waste plastic.


Impact of climate change on a remote Himalayan landscape

Kickstarter Project to produce a documentary to explore climate change, industrial farming and urban migration on remote Himalayan landscapes.

The acceleration of urban migration, coupled with the ravages of climate change, have left many Kumaoni villages abandoned, their landscapes irrevocably altered.  By involving the youth of West Binsar Valley in filming this documentary, they are given an opportunity to learn a professional skill while examining their cultural heritage.

Ryan Stock, Producer

StFF support has helped the project reach its Kickstarter target and you can check it out here.

Media Workshop with Binsar Valley youth


End Ecocide in Europe

End Ecocide in Europe is a European Citizens Initiative which has proposed a law to the European Union to make ecocide a crime.  An online petition was launched in 2013 which failed to reach its target of 1,000.000 votes, but 112,000 Europeans did vote and a charter will be published on 30 January 2014 calling for the establishment of a European and an International Criminal Court for the Environment.  This charter is the result of a newly formed coalition of organisations advocating for the recognition of environmental crimes. End Ecocide in Europe is among the initiating organisations.

Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima, the Erika oil spill or Rosia Montana are just a few examples of catastrophes which could be prevented through this new law establishing a strict liability for both, decision-makers in business and government, as well as corporations, for such crimes.

Prisca Merz, volunteer Director of End Ecocide in Europe

This great video was launched in February 2013.